Bob Rambler – A Sneak Peak and In Depth Review!

A new stroller from Bob?? Yes!! Its true!   The all new bob rambler stroller is here.   We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bob strollers.   The revolution pro and the revolution flex are our best pick jogging strollers and now theres a new kid on the block.

What is the Bob Rambler all about?   Its A really good jogging stroller without the extra bells and whistles of the revolution for a better price.    Heres what we know about the rambler.   For now we  only know of one color choice. Black!  We hope that will change as we love the awesome colors Bob has for their strollers.

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Bob Rambler Stroller

Bob Rambler Stroller


Heres a closer look at the Bob Rambler:


The Bob Rambler has Swiveling Front Wheel and a Sturdy, aluminum frame is both lightweight and durable, delivering a robust stroller that weighs 25 lbs.

The ramblers 75 lb. weight capacity and spacious seating area offer extra room to grow.

Extra-large UPF 50+ canopy shields your child from sun and weather.

Fully-upright, padded seat with ventilation allows your child to see the world and ride comfortably on all your adventures.

Travel system ready when paired with a BOB infant car seat by Britax or other major brand car seat. (Requires the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter – sold separately).

One-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with the simple squeeze of a button.

Large lowboy cargo basket for spacious storage underneath the stroller seat.

Five-point harness with no-rethread design keeps your child secure and allows for easy height adjustments.

Easy 2-step fold for convenient transportation and storage.

Easy-remove wheels allow the stroller to become more compact for easy storage in tight spaces.

Adjustable front wheel tracking alignment with a simple twist of the knob to keep the stroller running straight when the front wheel is locked out for jogging.

Foot-activated parking brake secures both back wheels in the stopped position with one step.

Wrist strap provides safety while running and includes a buckle to lock the stroller closed when folded.

Renowned quality and performance make BOB the #1 Jogging Stroller.
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The 10 Best Strollers for 2018

Looking for best strollers of 2017?  You’ve come to the right place!  We don’t just blog about strollers we live and breathe and use all the strollers we recommend so you can really be sure when youre picking out the best stroller for your needs.

The strollers for 2018 are really awesome!  There is so much innovation and style.  More importantly the functionality just keeps on getting better.  Honestly who cares about the style when you got a baby in tow, its all about function!    How heavy is it, how small does it fold, how well does it push especially over rough terrain.  These are all questions that really are important yet when you look at a picture of a stroller you really dont see any of that.  As more and more moms make their stroller choices online we’re here to help out on helping you pick the perfect stroller for your lifestyle and needs.
With so many new strollers out there its kinda hard to figure out which one is right.





Best Value Strollers

  1. Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

summer infnta 3d lite stroller 2017Price: $79.99

Why We love it?

The award winning 3Dlite features an innovative air-light aluminum frame which makes it super lightweight to carry and push – yet durable enough to stand the test of time! With its open design, you can easily access the large storage basket or recline almost flat which is ideal for on-the-go naps or diaper changes! Going for a sunny day stroll? The canopy features a pop out visor that protects baby from sun’s harmful rays – 99.9 percent to be exact – and with the included cup holder there’s even a place for your water (or iced coffee).

Available in six delightful fun fashions – scoop yours up today.

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We need to add the All new Uppababy Minu stroller for 2018 top strollers.  Its taking our #2 spot!   The all new Uppababy Minu is super lightweight, super chick and super cool.

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2. Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Range Jogging StrollerPrice: $99.00

Why we love it?

A Jogging stroller for just $99??!! Yes!!

The Baby Trend Range Jogger switches from running to resting in no time! Locks and unlocks quickly and easily. Safe and secure when you’ve stopped; easy to maneuver when you’re out for a jog. Multi-position, reclining padded seat and fully adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap.

This is by far the best value jogging stroller we’ve come across.

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3. Bob Revolution Flex 2018  Stroller

& Bob Revolution Pro 2018 Stroller

Bob Rambler

Price: $368.00

Why we love it?

Theres a reason you see the bob revolution stroller wherever you go!  Its awesome.   Best jogging stroller by far!   With the latest innovative features, the Revolution Flex 2017 is perfect for any sport experience.

From the zoo to the beach, zip through congested areas and around tight corners with the revolutionary swiveling front wheel or lock it in place for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough. Easy fold, lightweight design means this BOB is ready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you. The state of the art suspension ensures baby will have a smooth ride on the journey.

If your little one is not quite ready for the roomy, comfortable seat, the Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray when he’s older. Also available in a Duallie two seat model.

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Best Travel System Strollers

4. Britax B-Agile 2017 Travel System 


britax b agile 2017

Price: $329

Why we love it?

The 2017 B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Travel System pairs the best protection with outstanding maneuverability, making it the smart choice for you and your child. The combination of incomparable safety of the B-Safe 35 infant car seat and the lightweight maneuverability of the 2017 B-Agile 3 Stroller create the perfect way to maintain your on-the-go lifestyle.

The B-Safe 35 infant car seat features the Britax-exclusive SafeCell Impact Protection system. This integrated system of safety components provides unmatched protection for your baby. These features include a steel frame for strength and a base that compresses to absorb energy during a collision. The deep shell takes up less space in your vehicle while also minimizing side-to-side movement, resulting in maximum protection. Lightweight, maneuverable and simple to fold, the Britax 2016 B-Agile 3 Stroller is easy to carry and navigate. The 3-wheel configuration with swivel front wheels gets you through any tight spots with ease. Quick one-hand fold makes storage effortless. The Click & Go System allows you to combine these two products to create a travel system perfect for busy parents and caregivers. Easily attach the infant car seat to the stroller with just a click, and transitions between car and stroller are fast and easy, allowing you the freedom to keep on moving.

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5.   Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System

graco literider click connect 2017

Price: $79.98

Why We Love it?

Its got everything you need in one awesome value pack. Stroller and car seat!  You can see the car seats themselves for more that the cost of this travel system!     Get your gear and stay in budget!

Stay light and ultra-mobile with the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System. It includes the LiteRider Click Connect Stroller and the top-rated SnugRide Click Connect infant car seat for a baby from 4-22 lbs., which connects to the stroller with a secure, one-second attachment. There are plenty of convenience features to keep you and baby happy, including a parent’s and child’s tray with cupholders and a large basket.

You’ll also appreciate the one-hand fold and lightweight design (it weighs less than 17.5 pounds), and the padded, 2-level reclining seat ensures a comfortable ride for baby.


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6.  Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

chicco keyfit caddy stroller frame

Price: $89.00

Why we love it?

We love snap n gos.  This one featured is for the chicco but they have them for graco, maxi cosi and others as well. (Depending on which car seat you have).

The Right fit for a Keyfit. Designed exclusively for the rated Keyfit Infant Car Seat, the Keyfit Caddy is a perfect addition to a Chicco baby gear collection. Featuring the easy and secure click in car seat attachment you’ve come to expect from Chicco, this lightweight car seat carrier was created specifically for Cortina Travel System parents looking for an extra convenient way to travel with baby on those especially busy days. With its light aluminum frame, compact one hand fold, large expandable basket and 4 position height adjustable handle, easy to see how the Keyfit Caddy can simplify life during baby’s first months. Other features include all wheel suspension, toe tap locking brakes and a full featured parent tray.

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6b.  Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

baby jogger city tour 2017Price: $199

Why We love it?

Small. Smaller.  Smallest!  Thats right!  The all new baby jogger city tour stroller is so small it will actually fit into the overhead bin of an airplane!  (although good luck getting the flight attendant to let it on… I’ve seen them block all strollers no matter how small!).   The City Tour is super small and super light yet it has a really smooth push and decent size understorage basket for a stroller of that size.  An lets not forget about the weight.  The baby jogger city tour stroller is super light!  If you’re looking for small this is for sure the stroller for you!!

The baby jogger city tour will be available in four great colors so theres one for your preference!


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 Best Full Size Strollers

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.25.16 PM

6c. The Nuna Demi Grow stroller.   Why we love it?
Looking at the success of convertible stroller its not surprise that Nuna has jumped on the Convertible stroller bandwagon.   The all new Nuna Demi grow stroller  the first convertible stroller offered by Nuna.   With 23 configurations the Nuna Demi has all you need as your baby grows.   You can attach a car seat (or 2) a bssinet (or 2) and 2 toddler seats.   Great for twins or for a toddler and newborn as well.

7. Bugaboo Cameleon 3
Best Strollers 2017

Price:  $1059

Why we love it?  

The Bugaboo cameleon stroller is iconic.   It is a luxury all-terrain stroller thats in its own class.   First unveiled worldwide in 2005, the Bugaboo Cameleon has now clocked up a decade on the luxury stroller market, and is in its third edition.

The best part of the bugaboo is its ‘push’.  There is no other stroller like.   The smooth ride and the easy of manuvering make the bugaboo cameleon the dream rider.

Its got a full size seat and bassinet so it can be used from newborn and up.   Height adjustable handlebars make it easy for parents of all heights to find the perfect size stroller handlebar.   You can purchase car seat adapter with it as well to make it a travel system.  (works with all popular car seats graco, cybex, maxi cosi and more.)

The Bugaboo Cameleon 2017 has many color options for the hood and bassinet apron as well as the base so you can really customize it to your liking.  (Also another great option is you can just replace the fabrics with your second child and you’ll feel like you are pushing around a brand new stroller!)

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8. Uppababy Vista 2018


Price: $839.99

Why We Love it?

The Uppababy Vista 2017 is an awesome choice for a grow with me stroller option.  The full size stroller includes a bassinet as well so its great for a newborn too.   Comes in many great color options including several quilted patterns.

The uppababy vista also has the option of adding a rumble seat to make it a double stroller as well.  That’s a huge plus over the bugaboo cameleon as only the vista has that option.  (The Rumble seat is sold separately and can be purchased at a later time).

The wheel width of the vista is a bit wider than the cameleon so if space is an issue that’s something to keep in mind.     The canopy on the vista is huge and offers great sun protection something that many other strollers lack.  The price is from $839.99 so its definitely not a cheap stroller but well worth the price tag.

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9.  Baby Jogger City Select Lux 2018


baby jogger city select 2017

Price: $499.99

Why We love it?

16 Different Stroller Combinations!

Baby Jogger City Select is an award-winning luxury stroller that became very popular because of its ability to TRANSFORM from a single stroller into a double with an addition of a bassinet, car seat adapter or additional seat. With the second seat, it has 16 different combinations of the seating arrangement. How great is that! But the all new City Select Lux Stroller offers 2o combinations with the introduction of the JumpSeat.  It also has great features like large canopy, adjustable handle bar and huge storage basket. It is a sleek stroller that looks very modern and innovative.  The Lux model includes a decelerating parking brake as well.

There are not many INLINE double strollers that can transform from single into double mode. Most of the double stroller have both seats side-by-side making them very wide and hard to get around things. Try getting  down shopping aisles or between parked cars with a side-by-side stroller! You will need to go around the whole parking lot to get to your car.

Even as a single stroller alone, this stroller is top rated.   The large basket, easy recline and bassinet add on option (sold separately) make this a great priced full size stroller.

The single city select retails at $499.  Bassinet $89

baby jogger city select 2018

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UPDATE!  We’d like to add this the all new baby jogger city select LUX stroller as our top single to triple stroller.   Its a great option along with the standard city select stroller.



10.   Britax B-Ready 2017 Stroller


Britax B Ready 2017 Stroller

Price: $299.99

Why we love it?

Its a full size stroller, with all the features of a real expensive purchase yet it retails at just $299!   So many features are similar the the uppababy vista at just a fraction of the cost!

The Britax B-READY 2017 stroller from BRITAX is a versatile, modular stroller that can easily convert to an in-line double stroller. with 14 different configurations the B-READY stroller is adaptable to fit your needs. The integrated Click and Go receivers enable you to position the top seat forward or rear-facing, attach a bassinet, or attach an infant car seat to create a travel system without having to purchase additional adapters. Foam-filled rubber tires help absorb bumps, provide a responsive smooth ride and eliminate the hassles of air.

The reversible top seat has a weight capacity of 55 Pound and features a non-rethread, adjustable, 5-point harness system. An extra large canopy, 4-position recline, adjustable leg rest, and full suspension will ensure the travelling comfort of little ones. As an in-line tandem stroller, the second seat is certainly not an afterthought. with 4 recline positions; the second seat is appropriate from birth to 35 Pound Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the second seat does not need to be removed to fold the stroller.

The Britax B ready 2017 stroller is all new and redesigned for 2017.  So if your thinking of getting a B ready defintely wait until the new 2017 model comes out! (in Sept of 2017)

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Heres an image of the all new 2017 britax b ready thats coming out soon!

britax b ready 2017


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