Ergobaby Adapt Carrier – An In-depth Review & Pricing


Want the inside scoop on the ergobaby adapt?   We’ve got you covered!
The adapt carrier is now in stock at

We even found a great item on amazon that adds extra storage to the ergo baby adapt carrier. Its great for your cellphone and keys and other small accessories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.38.34 PM

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OMG!!  Its true!   The Ergobaby Adapt is Here!    Heres everything you need to know about the ergobaby adapt.  Moms are raving about the new adapt carrier!

Retail price is at $145 and no infant insert needed so that will save you $35 just by going with the adapt over the 360!!

The ergobaby adapt will be available in sold black and solid grey. No 2 color options like the ergobaby 360 but I kinda like the solid look.  Its really sharp.  Take a look …

ergobaby adapt

Heres the really exciting part.. not only is it cheaper than the 360 it doesnt need an infant insert to be used with a baby. Woohoo!  How awesome is that!  So it actually comes out quite a bit cheaper than the 360 once you keep that in mind.

Another great feature of the <“”>ergobaby adapt is the crossable shoulder straps and lumbar support waistbelt.  Heres an image of that feature:


ergobaby adapt cross straps


The new ergobaby adapt is easy-to-use from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs), NO INSERT NEEDED Gradually adjusts to hold your growing baby in an ergonomic M-shape position at all ages.  See pic below 🙂
ergobaby adapt 3 positions
At what age can you start using the adapt carrier?
The Ergobaby ADAPT baby carrier can be used with your newborn. Your newborn baby must weigh 7 lbs minimum (3.2 kg) and be at least 20 inches tall (50.8 cm). You must carry your infant in the front inward-facing position only until your baby is around 6 months old, demonstrates strong head and neck control and weighs 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg).
When should you wear the ergobaby Adapt Carrier with its straps in a crisscross?
You can wear the Ergobaby ADAPT carrier with shoulder straps crossed on your back in the front inward-facing carry position. You can use the crossed straps with smaller babies for a snugger fit on the top of the carrier. This specific setting also allows you to easily position the shoulder straps where it is most comfortable for you to wear them on your shoulders, which makes it a great feature for parents with narrower or wider shoulders. It is also appreciated by parents with less mobility as you don’t need to reach in the back to fasten and tighten the chest strap, as all the buckling and fastening is done on the sides.
Worried about the ergobaby adapt carrier for your hips?  No need to worry!
The ADAPT Baby Carrier has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Ergo baby carriers are comfortable, ergonomic, and safe for baby’s hips.
Features of the Ergobaby Adapt
  • Classic, all black and all grey baby carrier for a timeless look!
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions: Front-Inward, Hip and Back carry positions
  • Easy-to-use design, no infant insert needed for infants.
  • Ergonomic bucket seat gradually adjusts to a growing baby from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs / 3.2-20 kg), to ensure baby is seated in an ergonomic spread-squat, natural “M shape” position at every stage
  • Long-wearing comfort for parents with even weight distribution between hips and shoulders
  • Padded, cushy shoulder straps with crisscross option, great for a snug fit for petite moms and those who prefer easy buckling on the front (adjustable 28 ¾ in – 48 ¾ in / 73 cm -124 cm)
  • Lumbar support waistbelt (26 in – 55 in / 66 cm – 140 cm), can be worn low or high on waist to accomodate shorter or longer torsos and hold baby close enough to kiss, with double adjusters for easy tightening
  • Cushioned and foldable head and neck support
  • Tuck-away baby hood for sun protection and privacy (UPF 50+)
  • Can breastfeed in carrier
  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • Machine washable

Heres some more pics of the ergobaby adapt being worn.

ergobaby adapt front Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.06.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.06.43 PM
ergobaby adapt infantergobaby adapt carrier



Heres the original post before we knew the ergo adapt will be coming to the USA 🙂


Watch a video of the all new Ergobaby Adapt Carrier


What is the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier?

I’m not sure if this item will make it to the USA but I came across a great post so I wanted to share it here.  Again not sure if this item will be available in the USA but now it is available in Germany.

I’m really excited for this item as I love my ergo 360 baby carrier.  But I do love the fact that this carrier does not need an infant insert.  The colors shown are black and grey.  I’m hoping there will be more colors available as in the 360 but we’ll have to wait and see.


Update:  Ergobaby USA site now has a picture of the ergobaby adapt carrier on their site.   So looks like it will be coming here!  Heres a screen shot of their site 🙂 woohoo!

ergobaby adapt carrier


What colors is the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier available in?

Heres an image I found when searching this product online.


Ergobaby Adapt Carrier


When will the Ergobaby Adapt be avilable in the USA?

As soon as I get more info on this carrier if it will be available in the USA I’ll post back here so please check back!

Doona Car Seat Stroller – A In Depth Review & Flying with the Doona


Its finally done!  My Doona Jewel Car Seat Stroller Review!   I can honestly do this review in one sentence here it is:
“OMG, this is so crazy amazing.  I dont know how I ever lived without it! You must get it!”

Ok thats basically it!   If you want more info keep reading 🙂


Love the doona?? your’re really gonna love the all new Doona Jewel Collection an updated version of the original Doona.


Doona Car Seat Review

My first trip with my Doona to Los Angeles California.


The 2016 Doona car seat stroller is an amazing invention and an absolute life saver for new parents.
If you dont have a Doona you probably think i’m over reacting but I’m not!. Just you wait!  Get a doona and then thank me later.
Let’s start at the beginning…

Is the Doona a Car Seat or a Stroller?

‘It’s the world’s first infant car seat with an integrated wheels.
It’s such a simple idea, but we all know it’s the simple ideas that are the best. It’s so simple that I’ve come across a lot of moms who have seen  my daughter in her Doona and said, ‘That’s amazing. Why didn’t I think of that!?’ I’ve been stopped by random strangers on the street asking for a demo of how it works.  And the reaction of the airport staff is just nothing sort of amazement!

Doona Car Seat Stroller Review

How does the doona work?

This is one of the reasons why the Doona is so great; because it’s so easy to use.
It’s a normal car seat and you strap your baby in like a regular seat. It also has a newborn insert for when they’re really small.
There is a lever at the back of the Doona that you lift to release the wheels. You just lift this up and they pop out.

Doona car seat lever
When you’re ready to tuck the wheels back in, you apply the break, tilt the car seat forward, lift the button at the back of the seat and the wheels tuck back in smoothly.
You can do all of this while your baby is sitting comfortably in the Doona.  No need to wake baby either 🙂
The Doona then goes into the car like a normal car seat. You can either attach it using an ISO fix base or using the seat belt.  (I personally recumbend the base and if you have 2 cars I definitely recommend buying an extra base.)

The breaks are also easy to use with a simple one-touch system. Red for break on and green for break off.

doona car seat brake

Why is the Doona car seat so amazing??

You’re probably still wondering why I’m getting so excited.
Here are some reasons why it’s awesome:

  • It’s super quick and easy to get your baby in and out of the car
  • No need for a snap n go or stroller so you just freed up endless room in your trunk.  (You’ll need it for all the other baby gear)
  • Transferring your baby from their car seat into a stroller when they’ve just fallen asleep just got so much easier.  Baby will actually sleep through and not be woken!
  • Imagine if you’ve just driven to the supermarket to pick up a few groceries. With a normal car seat and snap n go you’d have to find somewhere spacious and safe to park. Get the snap n go out and then the baby and then try to attach the car seat to the snap n go (often easier said than done) then you have to negotiate those tiny shop isles with a big buggy. You then have to repeat the whole process to get back in the car.   That’s so much effort for a bottle of milk. With the Doona you just open the car door, lift the Doona out, release the wheels and you’re good to go. Its’ SO easy. Life with a baby just went from complicated to simple with this little thing!
  • It’s great if you have a small car
    I have a small car and large stroller (a Bugaboo Cameleon in).  Trunk space becomes a major issue that you never thought of.   If your trunk is full just by having your folded stroller there where do you put all your other stuff??   With the doona your trunk stays empty!!  Yes thats right!  Empty!!
  • You can take it on the bus
    Don’t think you’ll only need a Doona Liki  if you have a car. Uber and Taxi and bus rides will never be the same!
  • It’s so compact and small
    One thing I really love about the Doona car seat is the size. It’s tiny. It isn’t intended to be an off-roading all terrain stroller so it has small wheels and no extra bulk. This means it’s really easy to push it through a crowded street, pull it up to a table in a restaurant or tuck it into the corner of a busy café. Even in your house it always gets tucked into a corner and barely takes up any room. (You have enough baby gear that your drowing in so any added space is really awesome!)
    It’s so small it will even fit into a shop changing room or a restroom with you.
    Don’t get me wrong – I love the Bugaboo. It’s great for long walks and it’s so comfortable for George but it’s just too big to nip out and about with.
  • The seat is super comfortable and big

My baby loves sitting in the doona. Its really comfortable and the sides make great pillows when baby sleeps in the doona.   Also the   seat is really big. My daughter is now 12 months old and fits in it perfectly. I think it will take her until about 18 months or so. Which is awesome b/c she grew out of her cybex aton at about 10 months.  It has a weight limit of 35 lbs so we still got time until she outgrows it.



What I dont love …

Just some things to be aware of.  (this does not make it any less worthy of buying!)

  • It’s a bit heavy
    It does weigh more than the average car seat but since it does have the wheels I rarely need to lift it and carry it.  I just drop the wheels down.
  • Suspension
    It doesn’t have any suspension or bouncy wheels to cushion the bumps.  If you’re on a rough surface it will be bumpy. (thats why I keep my bugaboo for my all terrain rides!)
  • Canopy length
    I do with the canopy would be a little longer on the doona.   They do sell the extra sun protector but I actually dont have it.
    If you live in a sunny spot you’ll definitely want to get that add on accessory.
  • Storage Space
    The doona itself does not come with any storage space.  There are additional accessories you can purchase as add ons but if you dont you will find yourself missing that basket on the bottom that your stroller comes standard with.   I actually just added 2 stroller hooks to mine and was able to attach my skip hop diaper bag to it.



Flying with the doona car seat

I’ve taken my doona with me on uber rides,  airplanes and busses.   Thats when your love of your doona reaches all new levels.

In the airport security I did need to take my baby out of the doona and collapse the wheels once I did that the doona fit right through the standard security check.  (I just put it on the belt and picked it up on the other side).

Although I didn’t purchase a seat for my baby on my the flight there was an empty seat and I was allowed to bring my doona on to the plane.  It was so awesome!  Firstly my baby slept for the full flight and once the flight was over I was able to just get off the plane and go!  No need to wait for them to bring my stroller from the bottom of the plane.  (The looks I got from the other moms was nothing short of envious as they stood there waiting for their strollers to arrive!).



Doona vs bugaboo

 Comparing the Doona Car Seat with a Bugaboo Cameleon 3


Doona Accessories

You can buy a small attachable bag, a sun shade, a rain cover, an extra car seat base and a car seat protector to go with the Doona.

The doona bag is great because it has connectors that attach perfectly on to the doona frame.   So its really sturdy on.  (it also comes with a change pad which is great for changing baby on the go.)

The sun shade is a must have as the canopy is not as long as I would have liked it to be.

The car seat protector and wheel protectors are great for the neat freaks out there. Just kidding, my car is just up to that level of cleanliness so I didn’t get it as an add on!


Is it worth the $499 price tag?

In my honest opinion, the answer is yes, yes and yes again. It makes getting out and about with a baby as easy as possible. It’s designed for modern parents and families who are always out and about.
If you have a Doona you won’t need to buy an expensive car seat and snap n go.  (that can cost over $400 anyways!)

Since getting mine I’ve had four friends buy one because they’ve seen mine and loved it so much. They were concerned about the price and my answer to them is ..   its the most important baby gear item you’ll buy.  Go with a cheaper option on all your other baby gear if you’re on a tight budge but this is a MUST have!   I truly mean it!  You’ll thank me.  I’m sure of it!


Where to buy the doona?

I usually love amazon for my baby gear purchases but they actually dont sell the doona :(.   So my next best option is



Have a specific question on your doona? Just comment below and I”ll be happy to respond.

Uppababy Vista 2017 – In Stock Now Shipping {Video + BEST PRICE}


The UPPAbaby Vista 2017 Stroller is the most popular stroller that we get requests to review. Moms seem to love the vistas.   But as great as past Vistas have been, the 2017 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller surpasses them all, with a series of advances in comfort, style, and convenience.


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5 Things You Need to Know about the New Uppababy Vista 2017.


  1. 4 new colors join the Vista lineup – Austin Hunter Green, Henry Blue Marl, Dennison Burgundy, and Loic White. Deep, rich tones inspired by fashion and nature trends join the 2017 UPPAbaby color line-up. Leather will be available on the bumper bar and handlebar of select new fashions of the Vista and Cruz strollers (Austin, Hunter and Loic). The covers are hand stitched onto stroller.
  2. Handlebar covers will be available separately that will easily zip onto your handlebar and belly bar.
  3. The sunshade material has been upgraded to a new woven fabric that won’t wrinkles as much and is still 50 spf for maximum protection.
  4. Vista stroller is now 1.5 lbs lighter!
  5. The redesigned wheels are now solid polyurethane for a smoother ride and a more durable wheel. The new wheels will be available separately to fit onto the 2015/2016 model for current owners who want to upgrade.  The 2017 Vista is 1″ narrower at the rear wheels by closing the gap between the wheel and the frame.

Update!  We got some sneak peek pictures of the all new uppababy vista 2017.

These pictures were taken at the Kindunjugend baby expo.    From the looks of it the new vistas will have a faux leather pushbar and carry handle.  (Same upgrade to the 2017 bugaboo this year!).   The colors also got a bit darker.  The red is more of a burgandy color and green is an all new color for 2017.    Lovin it!!


The UPPAbaby 2017 Vista Stroller is available in:

uppababy vista 2017

uppababy vista 2017 stroller

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 8.12.37 PM



Uppababy Vista 2017uppababy vista 2017 henry

  • A brand new intuitive one-step fold, similar to the Cruz Stroller;
  • A new easy-to-clean bumper bar;
  • A variety of new seating selections that let you double up your seating – two toddler seats, two MESA infant car seats, two bassinets, or multiple other seating configurations;
  • An even better bassinet, with a zip-out liner and boot cover that are easy to remove and clean, plus more ventilation in the mattress pad, base, and canopy, and an extendable SPF 50+ sunshade;
  • An updated frame that combines aluminum with magnesium, making the famous Vista Stroller even more durable for years of happy strolling for multiple kids!


With all of these amazing updates, the UPPAbaby vista 2017 stroller classic all-in-one stroller system continues to be an incredibly elegant convertible stroller that can carry up to three kids without getting any wider. It also grows with your child, starting with a Sleep Safe certified bassinet that snuggles new babies on the go, and graduating to a reversible toddler seat that reclines fully (you can operate it with one hand). The Vista is also famous for lifting kids up in a high seating position, so they’re right up close to their proud parent, and have a great view of the world around them, too.   Got any questions on the 2017 vista by uppababy? Feel free to comment below!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Blowout Sale


Retails at $659   Blowout Sale $434

Looking for a once in a lifetime deal on the baby jogger select 2015 stroller??  This is the latest model stroller with all the upgrades! This stroller retails at $499 for the single and $659 for the double.
Heres you chance to get this #1 rated stroller for just $434 for the double!  Thats over $200 off!!!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 2.34.29 PM

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