Halo Snoozypad – All New + A Full Review!

From the makers of the famous halo sleepsack were excited to share with you the Halo Snoozypad. The Halo SnoozyPad is a new white-noise-machine-meets-bassinet-vibrator that fits under your baby’s mattress like a motion monitor and attaches to the side of the crib.
halo snoozypad

Billed as an “all-in-one soothing station,” the SnoozyPad includes 2 levels of soothing (and, no doubt, good good good) vibrations, as well as 3 types of sounds and an LED starry night ceiling projector. It’s designed for newborns to 2-years-old.


Cant wait to test this out and see the real results but I have to say it looks really promising!



A vibrating soothing pad that fits under your child’s mattress with ceiling projection nightlight and white noise to help make night times easier. This great new product recieved the  2016 Award of Distinction at this years for its unique innovation.

halo snoozypad

GB pockit plus Stroller – 5 Things you NEED to know!

GB POCKIT PLUS Stroller.   Heres the 5 things you need to know.   We’re loving the upgrades to the gb pockit.  They are so awesome that the gb pockit is now called the gb pockit plus stroller.  Yes a name change. Thats how awesome the GB updates are!

gb pockit plus

1. Smallest stroller.

The new GB Pockit plus model is the most compact stroller in the world. In fact, it has been named the ‘world’s smallest folding stroller’ by the Guinness World Records. How cool is that? Its folded dimensions are only 12″ x 14″ x 7″. Tiny!

2. Weighs 9 lbs.

The New GB Pokit Plus model which will be coming out in 2017 weighing only 9 lbs, this model is perfect for traveling and public transit. It will easily fit into overhead compartment of the train or the plane. It can be taken as a carry-on on ANY airline because its folded size is much smaller than the maximum carry-on size.


Yes thats right!   An amazing upgrade to the GB pokit Plus is that it now has a slight recline!  You can use it from 6 months and up to 55 lbs. Very high limit for such a compact stroller.

4.  Car Seat Compatable

And even more exciting, it does  take any cybex or GB car seat! We didn’t expect it to for such a light model. The canopy on the GB Pokit Plus is very small and I think could be improved. Surprisingly the basket was a decent size and very easy to access.

5. Small but Sturdy Wheels

Another thing that I really liked were the wheels. While being only 4.5″, the wheels provide a pretty smooth ride and the stroller felt very stable and sturdy.  Overall I was very impressed with this stroller.






The GB Pokit Plus gb pokit plus strolleroffered a lot of great features while being so compact and light.

Cybex Yemaya Carrier – All New + A Review

We’re really excited to show you the all new Cybex Yemaya Carrier

cybex yemaya carrier
















The baby carrier Yemaya fuses the highest fashion standard with ergonomical perfection. The minimalistic design and the carefully implemented details make the Yemaya a fashion accessory.

Front carry position
Hip carry position
Back carry position

Style-conscious parents will love the Yemaya for its sleek design while babies benefit from the close contact. Thanks to the seamlessly adjustable seatpanel and the adjustable headrest the carrier grows with your child. It is suitable from birth to two years (3,5 kg – 12 kg, ca. 86 cm) and offers three carrying positions: front parent facing position, hip carry position, and back carry position. These positions promote a natural spread squat that is important for baby´s hip development.

cybex yamaya carrier

Front carry position

Babies can be carried facing the chest from birth. The baby carrier encourages the correct posture in the spreadsquat position, which can help the hip joints to develop.




Hip carry position

Babies that can hold their own head ( from around 3 months) can also be carried in the side position. This allows them to rest against mum’s shoulder while taking in their surroundings.

cybex yamaya

cybex yamaya carrier
Back carry position

Babies with good head and bottom control ( from around 6 months) can be carried in the YEMAYA on your back, making it easy for parents to bear the baby’s weight.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux – Top 5 New Features and A FULL review

Wooo hooo!!   Today is a HUGE day here at baby gear gal!  We just go word on an amazing new stroller!    The Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller.     We love the city select stroller.  It even made the list of our 10 best strollers for 2017 which is not east feat!   But it looks like the best just got better!  WAYYYY better!!

We dont know much about the baby jogger city select lux stroller but heres what we do know.  This will be you go to place for all things city select lux and we’ll keep updated as we get more info.

city select lux double stroller

city select lux double stroller

So whats so awesome amazing about the new city select LUX?   Heres our top 5 new features.
1)   Size

The most important new feature of the city select Lux is how small it is.  The current 2016 city select stroller is 12.5 x 25.75 x 32.75 when folded.   The city select LUX stroller will be a full 30% smaller than this.  (We dont have the exact sizing yet will post as it becomes available).


2)  Colors

The City select LUX stroller will be availble in 4 classic colors.  I’m loving the fabrics of these strollers you biggest issue will be figuring out what color to choose!     The 4 colors are Slate, Port Taupe and Graphite.  (Pictures will be posted shortly!)


3)  Stroller Brake

The all new stroller brake will allow for declerattion.  (similar to a brake on a bike).   Until now we’ve seen this brake mostly on jogging strollers.   Its a great improvement to the current brake.   Once you get used to it you’ll be surprised how often you use it.  Its just one of those things… you didnt realize you were missing until you try it!


4)  Triple Stroller

The city select is a best selling single and double stroller.  Have three kids?  This wouldnt really work for you.  Not any more!  The city select LUX stroller features a JumpSeat option making it a great option even as a triple!  And knowing that one stroller can grow with your family is just awesome.


5)  Suspension

Double stroller thats easy to push?   You got it.  The city select LUX has all wheel suspension for an even smoother ride.  (Cant wait to try an push it with 3 kids to see how that works!).

Bob Revolution Flex 2017 – An In Depth Review!

A stroller needs to be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a stroller that will give your baby a smooth ride, whether you’re running or walking, on- or off-road, the BOB Revolution Flex 2017 could be the right pick for you.

But there’s more to this stroller than just good looks and a smooth suspension system. Read on to find out if the BOB Revolution Flex 2017 fits your lifestyle.


10-BOB-Revolution-Flex-Stroller_rect_LowBuilt for all-terrain strolling and jogging, the Bob Revolution Flex 2017 has two large rear wheels and a swiveling front wheel, all made from high-impact polymer composite with pneumatic tires and tubes, which — along with the state-of-the-art suspension system — combine to give your baby a very smooth ride.

Padded handlebars that adjust to nine positions make it easy to push regardless of how tall (or short) you might be. The adjustable canopy protects your child from the elements, and you can purchase an adapter if you want to use it with your BOB car seat.

A five-point padded harness keeps the baby strapped in, and a safety strap keeps you securely connected to your BOB, even during a downhill sprint. You can easily adjust the tracking of the front wheel in case you find the stroller veering off course. And when you’re ready to park the stroller for a while, just hit the hand brake.

It’s available in five color combinations.

The revolution flex retails at $499.99 but is available for just $399.99 on Amazon.com.  Click here to purchase the Bob Revolution Flex 2017 on Amazon.com

The reviews

We tested the and read expert opinions from well-known review sites such as Amazon.com and Good Housekeeping. Next, we checked out and read all user reviews to see what shoppers had to say about the BOB Revolution Flex and broke the critiques down, using a score of 1 (worst) to 10 (best).

The BOB Revolution Flex earned a spot on our roundup of the best strollers of 2017. (and that is not an easy thing!!)

Based on our analysis, the BOB Revolution Flex scored a respectable 8.9 overall. Moms and Dads loved the stroller’s durability and safety but were less enthused by its inconvenient and small storage compartment.  Some also complained of the heavy weight of the stroller.   (especially when holding baby at the same time!)

The stroller’s highest score (9.6) was for safety.

The pros

Moms and Dads  just cant get enough of the sturdy, easy-to-maneuver Flex’s adjustable suspension system and smooth maneuverability, whether they were walking or jogging, across pitted trails or polished mall floors.

They also lauded the large canopy that kept kids safe from driving rain and harmful UV rays; its clear vinyl “peekaboo” window let parents check on their child.

The BOB Revolution Flex 2017 scored high on safety, with parents feeling reassured by the five-point safety harness, wrist strap and easy-to-use brake. Users also loved the adjustable handlebars, which made it easy for people of disparate heights to use the stroller effectively with a simple move.

A stroller that opens and collapses easily is important to parents, and the Flex scored high in this department. Users said that once they had the logistics down, it was extremely easy to open and close.

The cons

Although the BOB Revolution Flex 2017  opens and folds easily, it’s also a bit heavy, weighing in at a little over 26 pounds. Because of its plus-size wheels, it also was a tad bulky for some users; even when folded, it was difficult to squeeze into compact car trunks.

Users also complained that the storage basket was small and difficult to reach — though not as impossible as reaching a customer service agent, which also proved frustrating.

The verdict

If you’re looking for a jogging stroller that will give your child a safe, comfortable, smooth ride, regardless of how fast or slow you’re traveling, over a variety of terrains, the BOB Revolution Flex is an excellent option. And its adjustable handlebars ensure that it’s a comfortable ride for you as well.

But if you need a lot of room to carry things besides your child, take a look at the baby jogger city mini 2017 that we love for its roomy storage basket. Because they need to stand up to rough terrain, jogging strollers tend to be heavy. So if you know you need a lighter stroller, you might want to consider the all new baby jogger city tour stroller instead. You won’t be able to run trails with it, but you will be able to stick it in the overhead bin on your flight!!  (Yes its that small!  Go check it out!!)

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller – New!

baby jogger city tourbaby jogger city tour

Retail Price:  $199

Want to purchase the city tour?  Now available on Amazon.com!  Free Shipping 🙂
Click Here to Pre-Order the Baby Jogger City Tour!


7 Things you Need to Know about the Baby Jogger City Tour!

1. Its super small.   Weights Just 14 lbs.

2.  Its amazing for travel. You’ll love this stroller always but especially if you’re doing any traveling with your baby.

3.  6 months is the earliest age to use so you will need another stroller until the baby reaches that age.

4.   The colors available are really cool so dont think you have to stick with black. (although it is a classic color!)

5.  Its very similar to the baby zen yoyo when we compared it side by side and its just a FRACTION of the price!  (495 to 199!!)

6.   Yes its true, it does fit in the overhead bin of an airplane.

7.   It has a great recline so baby can sleep blissfully even on the go!


Heres a more in depth review!

The Baby Jogger City Tour is a tiny folding but sturdy stroller suitable for a child from 6months old, The City Tour has all the hall marks of a Baby Jogger, but with a neat square fold which is small enough to go into the overhead locker of most aircraft. The Baby Joger City Tour comes with its own travel bag, ready for you to see the world with your child. Awesome! The fold is really small that it will easily fit in an overhead bin of an airplane!!

Just how small is the baby jogger city tour?

The Baby Jogger City Tour folds down to a tiny 22 x 18 x 10 inches (which can fit in an overhead bin of an airplane!)

How much does the baby jogger city tour weigh?

The Baby Jogger City Tour weighs just 14lbs and is certified to hold a huge 45lbs of child weight and 15lbs of shopping weight in the basket! Those numbers are awesome! Especially when you compare it to other strollers out there.

The Baby Jogger City Tour seat is suitable only from 6 months, but it does have a good recline for a child who wants to have a nap. The recline is a toggle one, which means it can be stopped at the point you wish. The seat on the baby jogger city tour only forward faces.

There is no compromise on safety for the baby jogger city tour as it includes a 5 point harness with harness pads.
There are 4 small wheels, a large accessible basket and an optional bumper bar. The handlebar is fixed. There is a peekaboo window in the large 3 panel hood. The hood of the baby jogger city tour has a flick out visor on the front.

The Baby Jogger City Tour looks like the perfect traveling companion where space is at a premium but a full sized stroller is still required.

Heres what we love about the baby jogger city tour stroller!

Its best feature is is Very compact fold. It also includes a storage bag which is great for travel. The baby jogger city tour holds up to 20kg weight capacity and has a near flat recline. The city tour also has a storage pocket on the rear of the seat and a basket that holds 7kg. Another great feature is the lockable swivel front wheels. All in all for the price of $199 its a great value!

Heres what we dont love about the baby jogger city tour stroller 🙂
Its not suitable from birth so you will need another stroller for the first 6 months. Or a car seat that hooks into a stroller frame.


baby jogger city tour in trunk

Want to know more about ordering the baby jogger city tour for your upcoming trip? You can order it here:

Baby Jogger City Tour

Heres the colors the city tour will be available in:
Baby jogger city tour onyx, baby jogger city tour garnet, baby jogger city tour juniper, baby jogger city tour violet, baby jogger city tour cobalt.


baby jogger city tour stroller


We’re getting lots of requests for this question:

How does the Baby Jogger City Tour Compare to the Baby Zen YoYo Stroller?

The main differences are the Baby Zen Yoyo can be used from birth (with the purchase of a bassinet) and the baby jogger city tour can not.  The city tour is from 6 months and up.   Also the city tour does not have a carry handle attached to the stroller it does comes with a great backpack though to carry the stroller on your back.  The baby zen yoyo has a carry strap thats attached right on the stroller.  (It comes with a carry bag too but the strap to carry the stroller is not connected to the bag its connected to the stroller itself.)

The baby zen yoyo also has a bit stronger wheels and I feel like it can handle a bit more of a rougher terrain than the baby jogger city tour.   Pricing is also a Huge difference.  The baby jogger city tour retails at just $199 and the babyzen yoyo is $495. (without the bassinet option!)

The Britax B Ready 2017 – 7 Things you NEED TO know!

We love the britax B ready stroller and its all new and redesigned for 2017!  You’re gonna love it!

Retail Price: $499

Now In Stock!  CLICK here to ORDER the Britax B Ready 2017 Stroller

the all new britax b ready 2017

the all new britax b ready 2017

Heres what you need to know about the britax b ready 2017.

1. The Britax b ready 2017 is completely redesigned for 2017. Looks so much sleeker than the previous models.

2. Britax B ready 2017 no has a much needed Adjustable handlebar. (Yes mosts husbands are taller than their wives!)

3. The B ready 2017 has foam filled rubber tires with great suspension!

4. New and improved large underseat basket

5. 12 different seating options

6. The britax b ready 2017 works with any britax infant car seat

7. The britax b ready 2017 has an extra large canopy with ventilation system.

Yes! We love the 2017 britax b ready and we’re sure you will too!!

Britax’s 2017 B-READY is the ultimate versatile stroller for families with ever-changing needs. This model features a modern look and is adaptable to virtually any possible parenting scenario. The stroller offers quick one-step folding with one or two seats and 12 seating options plus a large basket that is accessible from all sides. The Click & Go System provides easy connection to any Britax infant car seat for the perfect travel system. Parenting is full of surprises – face them head on with the B-Ready.


Compare the new 2017 b ready stroller to the current lineup of britax (2016 and earlier) here: Click here to see the b ready lineup on amazon.com.


britax b ready 2017 bluebritax b ready 2017

britax b ready 2017

Best Double Stroller – {Guaranteed to love our picks!}

We’re in 2016!  We’ve got all the info we need at our fingertips… Why then is it so freakin hard to figure out what double stroller to buy??  Good question!  I’m glad you asked!  The reason is the stroller market is FLOODED!   Every year there are another 5 or so that come to market.   But not all of them are great options and we’re here to help you so you dont choose a ‘lemon’!

There are really 2 main types of double strollers the side by side double and more recently popular the tandem double stroller.  So which one should you go with?  Heres the pros and the cons of a side by side vs tandem double stroller.

Side by side double vs Tandem Double

Although harder to get through smaller places, I actually find the push on the side by side and especially navigating turns to be easier.   The tandems are a bit more difficult in that regard.  That being said the side by sides are really hard to get through small spaces. So depending on where you live and what types of aisles you will be navigating through that may be something to keep in mind!

With so many options keep in mind, double strollers are generally BIG and heavy. They have to be; most of them are rated for 80-100 lbs (or more) of total baby/child meat. Generally, double strollers are pretty expensive, so it’s not a decision to make lightly.

Your kids ages:

The age difference between your children matters. The strollers we recommend for twins or triplets are very different from those for a newborn and a young toddler, which will be different from a recommendation for, say, a newborn and a 3 or 4-year-old.

Children who are close in age (less than 2 years) seem to do well in almost any double stroller, while children who are 2-4 years apart often do better in a side-by-side stroller or in a tandem with one “primary” seat and a smaller seat. Since many double strollers have an upper weight limit of 40 lbs, look for one with 50 lb seats so you’ll be able to use it for longer.

Another alternative to a double stroller is using a riding board  or putting your baby in a carrier while your older child rides in the main stroller. Most preschoolers are just fine walking alongside the stroller, but sometimes it’s nice to have them both contained and under control, like in a crowded market.


After testing, rating and testing some more models I’m thrilled to give you my top picks for the best double strollers out there!


Tandem Double Strollers

  1. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

baby jogger city select 2017Price: $699.99

(Many times there is a promotion for a free second seat bringing the price down to 559.)

Why We love it?

Make life easier when traveling with two! The Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Stroller includes our versatile City Select stroller with an added second seat. It’s a great way to keep your multi-child family rolling with a customizable design that makes everyone happy. Front facing, parent facing or sibling facing, the City Select Second Seat Stroller offers the convenience of a double stroller in a smaller and more maneuverable design. The City Select is not intended for jogging.  

Click Here to Buy the Baby Jogger City Select Double on Amazon.com

2. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

Price: $139.00

Why we love it?

Much smaller than your average double stroller but unless you’ve got twins this usually is all your toddler and baby need.   When pushing it, it really feels like a single.  Love that!!

The Front Seat – Infant car seat or child can sit directly in the stroller seat, while second child sits or rides in back.

Second seating position can accommodate an infant car seat while older child can sit in front seat.

Click Here to Purchase the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller on Amazon.com

3. Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Price: $299.00

Why we love it?

Theres a reason you see the contours option stroller wherever you go!  Its awesome.     With the latest innovative features, the contours option is really a great  mid price tandem double stroller.

The Options Elite Tandem offers unparalleled versatility with seven seating configurations and has taken double strolling to a new level with rubber coated rear wheels for a smooth ride, parent cup holder, expandable mesh canopies and side-zipper access to the storage basket. The tall seat backs and large adjustable footrest area help accommodate toddlers comfortably. Seats feature in-seat child pockets, 3-position recline, 5-point safety harnesses, adjustable footrests and plush headrests for comfort.  Each seat accommodates a 40 pound child (80 Pound total) and the stroller weighs 38 Pound

Click Here to Buy The Contours Option Elite on Amazon.com

Best Side By Side Double Strollers

4. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Price: $449

Why we love it?
How many strollers have won so many awards??  Answer not that many!!

The City Mini Double is an award winning stroller that captures the essence of urban mobility. Its lightweight side by side design makes it perfect for running errands or all day excursions in the urban jungle. Standard features include patented quick fold technology with removable auto lock to keep stroller closed when folded, accessory mounting bracket, 8″ lightweight quick release Eva wheels feature sealed ball bearings, front wheel suspension and the dual swivel front wheels can lock into place for long distance strolling. Each padded seat individually reclines to a near flat position with vented seat tops and retractable weather shields to cover the mesh in inclement weather. Also featured are individually adjustable sun canopies with peek a boo windows, a large under seat storage basket, seat back storage compartments, adjustable five point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle covers and a rear parking brake.

Click Here to Purchase the Baby Jogger City Mini Double on Amazon

5.   JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Price: $249.99

Why We Love it?

Its got everything you need in one awesome value .    Get your gear and stay in budget!

The Joovy ScooterX2 double stroller has a new stylish graphite grey frame and bigger wheels. The larger 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels make it easier to maneuver than before. Its lightweight and narrow design allows the stroller to fit through any door while providing ample room for your kids. The width of the stroller is 30 inches, so there’s no need to fold it to get inside a door. The wheels have sealed bearings so pushing two kids totaling 90 pounds is easier than you could imagine; and, the double front wheels make the stroller extremely stable. This is especially important if your kids climb in and out of the stroller by themselves. (We have included a removable bumper bar to eliminate this possibility too!) The basket is bigger than any stroller basket on the market, period. The canopy is bigger than any other stroller on the market, too. Each seat is fully adjustable, independent of the other, and each has its own in-seat mesh pocket and adjustable 5-point harness. You will love the one-hand recline system that locks into an infinite number of positions – all the way down to a near flat napping position. We have also included two cup holders for the parents and two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, etc. Folding takes just seconds with the one hand fold feature. The Scooter X2 gives you the features you demand, the fashion you expect and the quality Joovy is known for – all at a reasonable price.


Click Here to Purchase the Joovey Scooter X2 on Amazon.com

6.  Britax B Agile Double Stroller

Price: $449.00

Why we love it?

The B-AGILE Double stroller incorporates the same quick-fold design and great maneuverability of the single B-AGILE stroller, but with capacity for two children. With a lightweight frame, height adjustable handle and the ability to fit through standard doors, it is perfect for all occasions. Equipped with the BRITAX CLICK & GO system, the B-AGILE Double stroller accepts one BRITAX Infant Car Seat with the included infant car seat receivers. Caregivers will further appreciate the access to under-seat basket through the front leg rest, automatic chassis lock and two convenient zippered back-of-seat pockets. The padded, supportive seats feature a 5-point harness system with head pad that is adjustable without having to rethread or unhook any straps. The infinite seat recline allows the B-AGILE Double to be used from birth and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds for each seat. Extra large canopies with mesh ventilation windows allow you to see your children, while the all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride, and a single step locks both rear wheels simultaneously.


Click Here to Purchase the Britax B Agile Double on Amazon.com

 Best  Luxury Double Strollers

7. Bugaboo Donkey

Price:  $1059

Why we love it?  

The Bugaboo cameleon stroller is iconic.   It is a luxury all-terrain stroller thats in its own class.   First unveiled worldwide in 2005, the Bugaboo Cameleon has now clocked up a decade on the luxury stroller market, and is in its third edition.

The best part of the bugaboo is its ‘push’.  There is no other stroller like.   The smooth ride and the easy of manuvering make the bugaboo cameleon the dream rider.

Its got a full size seat and bassinet so it can be used from newborn and up.   Height adjustable handlebars make it easy for parents of all heights to find the perfect size stroller handlebar.   You can purchase car seat adapter with it as well to make it a travel system.  (works with all popular car seats graco, cybex, maxi cosi and more.)

The Bugaboo Cameleon 2017 has many color options for the hood and bassinet apron as well as the base so you can really customize it to your liking.  (Also another great option is you can just replace the fabrics with your second child and you’ll feel like you are pushing around a brand new stroller!)

Click Here to Buy the Bugaboo Donkey Double on Amazon

8. Uppababy Vista Double Stroller

Price: $839.99

Why We Love it?

The Uppababy Vista is an awesome choice for a grow with me stroller option.  The full size stroller includes a bassinet as well so its great for a newborn too.   Comes in many great color options including several quilted patterns.

The uppababy vista also has the option of adding a rumble seat to make it a double stroller as well.  That’s a huge plus over the bugaboo cameleon as only the vista has that option.

The Rumble seat is the key to making the vista into a double. Make sure to purchase that separately.   Love that it can be both a great single and a great double!


Click Here to Buy the Uppababy Vista on Amazon





Got more questions on any double stroller?? Reach out to me and I’ll do my best to respond!


Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Edition – Top reasons we’re loving it!

Introducing the ‘Weekender’ Donkey from Bugaboo!

The Bugaboo Donkey is known for carrying loads of children and shopping, but this versatile pushchair has got extremely exciting with this new special edition single Donkey, which comes with it’s own matching “Weekender” bag.

The Bugaboo Donkey Weekender has classic grey / blue fabrics with a slight sheen to it. There is a subtle light grey quilted lining inside the hood. The extending sun canopy, bumper bar, handlebar and bag are all finished smartly with tan leatherette detailing. The Weekender bag has the Bugaboo logo embroidered onto the side below a zippered pocket. The bag has a large zip opening for easy access.

The Weekender bag sits where the side basket usually fixes, using sockets inside the bag to secure it firmly and neatly into position, next to a single Donkey seat.
The Donkey is going to hold great appeal to travellers who need a single width pushchair, which can carry enough clothing etc. for a weekend away. With this new large weekend holdall, and the spacious under-storage basket, there is ample room for everything that you and your little one will need for a mini holiday.

There is a matching extension kit, however, even if you do only plan to buy this to use with just one child, consider buying the second set to put away for another child or for resale later. Once these are gone, there will be no chance to buy the matching seat at a later date if you have Baby No 2.

Wish they came out with a weekender cameleon stroller?  Dont you??


Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Stroller



Nuna Rava Car Seat – Top 10 reasons we love the Newest Nuna Car Seat

Nuna has just launched its newest lineup of car seats.   Based on success of the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat. Nuna now offers an option that want to stick with the Nuna brand of car seats all the through all your child stages.
The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat will Retail at $449.00.  Its a premium price but its definitely a Premium Seat!

Click Here to Order the Nuna Rava Car Seat


Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat

We really love the new Nuna Rava convertible car seats and we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 reasons!!


  1.  Fashion – The Nuna Rava car seat is super cool looking!   Designed to the last detail its really a gorgeous looking car seat.
  2.  Safety – Fashion is not all that matters in car seats. (does it even matter at all!??)  After all its all about safety.   The Nuna Rava excels in the area too.   Making it super easy to install with very clear angle guides you can rest assured knowing that you can install your car seat with ease!
  3.  Spacious – The Nuna Rava has a laid back legroom giving it up to 2 inches more room for your child when riding rear facing.
  4.  One Hand Fitting – Super easy 5 point no re-thread harness works with one hand to fit your growing child.  (because which mom actually has 2 free hands!   Thanks Nuna for that one!)
  5. Side Impact Protection – Some more safety features!   The energy absorbing foam and SIP pods take side impact protection to the next level.
  6.  Grows with your child – infant haed and body inserts are removable to grow with your child.
  7. Hide away cup holders –  Love that the cup holders on the Nuna Rava car seat tuck away neatly when not in use!
  8.  Climate Control! – No matter what the temperature is out there your baby willl ride comfortably with the breathable (and washable!) knit fabric.
  9. 5 to 65lbs – Yes thats not a typo!  The Nuna Rava will fit babies as small as 5lbs all the way up to 65 lbs!  Thats great since its a pretty costly piece!
  10. Color options –  The Nuna Rava is available in 4 great color choices.   Whats your favorite color??


Heres some pics of the Nuna Rava

Nuna Rava Berry Nuna Rava Indigo Nuna Rava caviar